How to beat the candidate shortage.

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Did somebody say there’s a candidate shortage within Manufacturing?

…I’m here to tell you, there isn’t. Let me explain…

On one hand you might not be looking hard enough, on the other, you probably don’t really know what you want. Either way, people aren’t actively looking for something that sounds like somewhere they are at the moment. No one is really desperate for a job.

But this can work in your favour, because you’ll interview people that ACTUALLY want to work for you because it’s their choice, not because they didn’t get the job they wanted or they hate it where they are.

But what are you doing to stand out from the crowd?

By being open about what you need VS what you want, you open up the market for those frustrated where they are because they want to develop but don’t have the opportunity to. Yes, the ideal person would have 100% of what you’re after. But what if you dropped the 20% / 30% that can be taught on the job, that will allow someone to make a side move and progress and develop? Would there be a candidate shortage then? No.

Here’s why! When you have something to offer someone other than a job, they are intrigued. What they aren’t getting in their current role is the reason they will move. No development plans where they are? Manager who doesn’t appreciate them? No flexibility in terms of working from home?

If you provide that flexibility in skills and upskill people, then there wouldn’t be such a candidate shortage. People would naturally move up, progress and train up the next person who is taking their role. I hear you ‘Yes, but Sharn, that doesn’t work when we are stacked and under staffed’. And this is me telling you, it’s why you need to start NOW. If you don’t, you’ll complain about the same thing and nothing will ever change.

I’ve worked in recruitment for a long time and it’s all I hear; ‘We don’t have time, we are understaffed’. The clients that I work with that take this advice onboard and look at their wants VS their needs, they realise they don’t need someone to have it all. Lightbulb moments going off in the room are pretty visible.

But, that means you need people with the right attitude, and how do you know they have the right attitude? Pick up the phone and speak to them. Ask them the questions that need to be asked about what they do day-to-day, ask a few questions around what they like vs what they don’t. There’s plenty to ask. You just have to screen them correctly. Otherwise, you’ll be complaining that it doesn’t work when you hire people that need to be developed.

Attitude is everything! Never forget that.

Whilst everyone else on Linkedin is complaining about a candidate shortage, I haven’t had an issue. No counter offers and candidates accept the role I’ve put them forward for over any others.

So, in order to attract candidates – give them a reason to want to work for you. Put an ADVERT out not a job description, and explain why people want to work for you. Look at your content on LinkedIn – can you do ‘a day in the life of’ and show people what it’s really like to work there? There are so many things you can be doing, but if you do what everyone else is you’ll continue to complain about the candidate shortage.

Be bold, be different.



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