A fresh & immaculate rebrand for component cleaning specialist, Turbex

Turbex Banner Logo



Through our Discovery stage, we uncovered the following:


Client - Turbex - a component cleaning specialist for a wide range of industries.


Brief - To provide a full company rebrand, showcasing Turbex as a major player within the component cleaning industry; approachable yet cutting-edge, and specialists at the very top of their field. To create a new tone of voice to simplify Turbex’s service offering and make them more accessible to clients, both existing and new.


Challenges - The great service, high technical-quality, range of options, long-term value and capacity to work on large accounts wasn’t conveyed through Turbex’s existing brand or content.



What? Striking, well-composed and high-quality images that depict real events. 

Why? We wanted to bring authenticity to the Turbex brand, showcasing what actually happens in all areas of the business, from the offices to its shop floor. By using high-quality images, we could better convey the consummate professionalism that customers can expect at every stage of their relationship with Turbex



Turbex Logos


What? Make subtle changes to the existing Turbex logo to modernise the brand without alienating their existing clientele. 

Why? It was important for Turbex to build on the immediate visual recognition that their former logo provided, which is why the new logo was so closely aligned to the old. 

Several logo options were provided, using the different colour backgrounds, and a version of the logo with a strapline was included to help new audiences immediately understand what Turbex does.





What? We introduced a new typeface for all of Turbex’s communications: Mont, a geometric sans-serif that compliments the contemporary design of the Turbex brand. 

Why? Friendly, clear and highly legible, Mont simplified copy detailing complex cleaning processes. This meant that technical words and phrases are more approachable from the outset. 

FINALLY were tasked with a fresh brand for Turbex that would bring us up to date whilst maintaining our professional and trusted approach that we are well-known for. Despite the hurdles of 2020, the team worked closely with us to really understand who we are and what we need, which was really appreciated. We now have a brand that showcases exactly what we do, how we do it and why we do it. It allows us to have stronger conversations with our customers and our new website really highlights our huge machine range which is what it’s all about. We have a brand to be very proud of and we can’t wait for everything to come in 2021.

John Huntingdon, Managing Director


Warm colours: Fire Orange and Power Red are used alongside the cooler hues of Aqua Blue, Ocean Blue and Metal Grey  

Within the cleaning process, machine components are both heated and rapidly cooled to remove grease and impurities. We wanted to reflect this through the colour palette, marrying the two sides of Turbex: passionate about cleaning while always maintaining a cool professionalism.  

We created a variety of textured backgrounds – all within the defined colour palette – to add interest to images and backdrops, depicting the movement of liquids that are found during the cleaning process.






What? Turbex wanted to become more approachable. As such, they needed a tone of voice (TOV) that could simplify their complex cleaning processes, without demeaning the importance and value of its service. Since much of its existing content came from English translations of German machinery brochures, there was a huge opportunity to do this.

Why? By limiting the use of industry jargon and unpicking technical phrases, Turbex was better able to describe their service in a way that was more human. It was important to Turbex that its new simplified TOV didn’t negate the multifaceted nature of its offering, so a balance was struck: complex component cleaning terminology is explained, and acronyms are always spelled out. 

It was always important that Turbex’s genuine passion for component cleaning shone through in every sentence, which is why an active voice exuding positivity and helpfulness is adopted throughout.


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