LG BUSINESS SOLUTIONS: Residential Air. Controlled.



The Campaign AT A GLANCE

During the lead up to summer months, LG experienced high demand for their ARTCOOL and DUALCOOL ranges, which could cause issues with supply when installers worldwide are placing orders to keep up with customer demand.

This encourages installers to place orders for stock in advance, rather than getting caught up in supply and demand issues during spring and summer, and empowers customers to act now to reap the benefits of year-round cooling and heating sooner.

The idea of 'Residential Air. Controlled' plays on the acronym of RAC (residential air conditioning) and the messaging is designed to inspire installers and customers to take control of the temperature in their homes so they're not caught out in the summer waiting for supply to catch up with demand. 

Campaign Messaging

Residential Air. Controlled.

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Installer Benefit: Beat the summer rush and empower your customers to have the ARTCOOL and DUALCOOL ranges installed today.

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Customer Benefit Take control of your home’s temperature - no matter the season, whatever the weather.

Assets Produced

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Landing Page

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White Paper

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Paid Ads

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Organic Social


the strategy 

A LinkedIn and Facebook ad campaign ran pre-season, targeting the installer market with the messaging to start considering their stock purchases for air conditioning units before the summertime rush. 

A full campaign included the build of a landing page, ads, a white paper, and organic social media content as well as email workflows set up for lead nurturing.

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"We spent time in Paris with the LG team and discussed this campaign. As we talked, ideas started igniting in my head like fireworks. All I knew was that I wanted to create a snappy key message that installers and customers alike could hand their hats on.

Then ‘Residential Air. Controlled.’ hit me at that moment. It perfectly played on the RAC acronym, and everything fell into place thereafter. I’m very proud of the story we crafted, and I still love that key message to this day!"