LG Business Solution - Residential Air Conditioning

Our Work

Three years. Three campaigns. Three unique stories.


Client: LG Business Solution



Location: Europe


Audience: Installers and Engineers

Objective: Equip installers to confidently supply and fit LG’s ARTCOOL and DUALCOOL range of residential air conditioners for customers across Europe.

The Challenge

Europe is a diverse continent, and LG Air Solution Europe is a diverse business. 

With differences in weather, temperature, currency, and property type for customers, and contrasting needs, product availability, regulation, and key metrics for different business divisions, trying to find a one-size-fits-all approach for a B2B2C campaign that satisfies all market demands borders on impossible.

And yet, it’s something that’s required every single year.

Seasonality has always been the foundation for promoting LG’s residential air conditioning (RAC) line-up - the ARTCOOL and DUALCOOL ranges.

As spring turns to summer, it’s time to start rolling out communications about cooling products before the chill of winter returns, and the promotion of heating products begins.

This is a cycle they have wanted to break for some time, but have often found themselves resorting back to tried-and-tested methods. Until we stepped in.

Since 2021, we have been enlisted by LG Air Solution to deliver their annual RAC campaign across Europe; trusted to find a way that communicates a message suitable for the widest majority of European territories, and gets them out of the seasonal slump they’ve found themselves tied to.

For results, explore the campaign spotlights below. 

Hear from the client

melissa headshot

"FINALLY isn't just an agency but a mantra. It's the exact feeling I had when we brought them onboard. Finally we have an agency who gets us. Finally we have a partner that thinks outside the box, cares about the work we do, dares to learn more and dig in regardless of how small or big or technical the topic may be. Finally we can rest easy knowing that the job will get done, creatively, with passion and perseverance and that we'll be able to laugh along the way."

Melissa Moller

European Marketing & Communications Manager - B2B Air Solution at LG Electronics