Engineering growth for Kingsbury

Kingsbury supplies precision machine tools to the UK’s leading manufacturers.

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WHAT WE discovered

Through our Discovery stage, we uncovered the following:


Goals - Kingsbury had ambitious revenue goals, including 100% growth in 5 years and saw improved and increased marketing fundamental to achieving these targets.


Priorities - To improve awareness in key market sectors, communicate the excellent service and product offering, be seen as a market leader and create new opportunities for the sales team.


Challenges - Confused company name (previously Geo Kingsbury), weak brand that competitors would attack as “small local company”, new business opportunities created only through personal contacts and a lack of insight into customer and prospect engagement.

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Name change

Even internally, the staff would call the company by five different names. Imagine how confusing it was for the market? We simplified the name to Kingsbury for both simplicity and strength.

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The most important aim for the new website was to increase the quantity and usefulness of leads.

Between the new website launch on the 20th of February 2019 and the end of the year, there were 2,519 conversions



The quality of the company was in no way matched by the impact of the previous brand look, therefore we gave Kingsbury a complete brand overhaul. If the company wanted serious growth, it needed its brand to be taken seriously.


We created a website with a purpose - to inform, rank and generate leads.


We spent quite some time choosing a B2B marketing agency. The key for us was to find a company with a well-rounded team, that possessed a collective skill set across the various marketing disciplines, and yet retained a laser like focus on our needs as a business.

Richard Kingsbury - Managing Director



Kingsbury needed greater insight into customers and prospects and a platform to significantly improve communication with them. We introduced HubSpot to the senior management team, onboarded staff, and carried out numerous training sessions so Kingsbury could achieve the greatest value from their investment.


Kingsbury do great work and have experts with decades of experience with a lot to say and offer. Through both written and video content, we showcased this expertise.



Within the first 12 months we achieved the following:

Growth targets:

Generate 2 MQLs per month

Increase visitors to the website by 15%

Increase website sessions by 25%

Increase website visits from social media


Increased ‘contact us’ goal submissions by 2596%

Increased visitors to the website by 59%

Increased website sessions by 55%

Increased website visits from social media by 183%