City Essex

An established family owned cleaning company, City & Essex enlisted our help to communicate exactly who they are.

City Card

The Task

City & Essex established in 1971 and despite large growth, they have kept the feel of their familial beginnings ever since. As part of the strong family values, it is important for the Managing Director to have a close relationship with both employees and clients.

The task was to take the strong, core values of the brand and effectively communicate them throughout the company.

City the Task

The Insight

Interviews were conducted with a range of employees to get a genuine and honest feel for the company and the personalities of the staff within it. This information then formed the basis of the rebrand. It was decided to incorporate a neutral, monochrome colour scheme and let the photography of the staff and the locations introduce the colour.

City Stationery
City Brochure

What We Did

In order to reflect the brand's strong values, a refresh just wasn’t enough. Starting from the ground up, the existing brand was given a complete overhaul, putting the company's family values, heritage and professionalism first. The result is a unique, modern and timeless brand that accurately reflects the company's personality and high calibre of clients, whilst keeping a subtle nod back to their more humble roots.

City Laptop

The Result

First impressions count, especially for a company in such a visually crucial market sector. The new brand was seamlessly translated across a wide variety of collateral, harnessing the fresh identity which included a new brand pattern, colour scheme and imagery. From their stationery and printed materials to their website and digital presence, nothing was overlooked in order to visually underpin and consistently communicate the brands values.

City Office
“The Team at FINALLY effectively captured the core values of our business, successfully elevating our image to match our reputation in the market place. Our new branding has helped unify City & Essex, providing one consistent identity in a predominately dispersed work force.”

Ian Hookway - Managing Director