Andrew Jaynes is a manufacturer of high quality timber windows and doors, based in Kent. They had recently invested in new machinery which allowed the business to significantly increase capacity while maintaining their high quality standards.

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WHAT WE discovered

Through our Discovery stage, we uncovered the following:


Goals - After several years of steady growth, Andrew Jaynes needed our help to accelerate the expansion of their business and generate orders to fulfill the capacity of their recent CNC machine investment.


Priorities - To raise brand awareness throughout Kent and beyond, improve search engine rankings, build B2B relationships with property developers and construction firms, and generate quality new business leads.


Challenges - An uninspiring brand, a website that lacked both content and SEO value, no lead generation activity, and poor communication with existing customers and prospects.


We rebranded Andrew Jaynes to give them a more aspirational look and create solid foundations upon which to build.





We produced a series of videos to showcase the quality and expertise of Andrew Jaynes. These videos were designed to attract and engage potential customers and sell them on the benefits of working with Andrew Jaynes.



We created a new website designed to make people fall in love with their windows and doors. Through the quality of its content, the website ranked on search engines and delivered high-quality leads. 

FINALLY has delighted us with the initial re-branding and website and we have since embarked on a continued marketing program with them. The results they have achieved, even in a short time frame, have been substantial in both the volume and quality of new business that we have won.

Andrew Jaynes - Owner



We worked with the Andrew Jaynes team to produce informative blogs that answered the questions their customers were asking. This approach to content positioned Andrew Jaynes as a useful source of information and helped attract new prospects to the site in the early stages of their buying journey.

SEO strategy

Andrew Jaynes' search engine rankings were originally very poor and improving it was a high priority. We put together a local SEO strategy to attract visitors in the local area who would be an ideal fit for their services.

SEO Strategy



The Andrew Jaynes team had very little information on their customers and how they were interacting with the brand. We introduced them to HubSpot which gave them a much better insight into their user behaviour - improving communication with existing customers and helping them to engage with prospects.


Within the first 12 months we achieved the following:


Increased organic traffic by 62%
Increased website sessions by 63%
Increased lead conversion by 30%
Increased new users by 61%
Increased sales by 46% (YOY)


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