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I am boring

I am boring, you are boring, we are boring. 

All of us creative agencies are so cool aren’t we? Wrong. We talk about the importance of differentiation but we all sing the same tune. Yay, we play pool, drink coffee, sit in ball pits and get a slide to our desk? Different? No, just a poor relation to Google and lacking any real creativity. We feel so great when our website tells people that we work in collaboration, are passionate about what we do, and are recommended by RAR. I mean RAR RAR blah blah, do you realise how boring we all sound?

Not to mention the team page where, hey let's show not just the serious side but also the crazy wacky out of work side. Who cares? It is dull dull dull. No one is interested and our customers have seen it all before, many many times. 

We preach to our clients how important it is to differentiate, stand out from the crowd, create some clear water, when all we do is put ourselves in the same bracket. We all say the same thing, maybe with a slightly different adjective, but pretty much the same.

I’ll let our customers into a really big secret, some of the best agencies aren’t even particularly creative. This is because being a really good agency isn’t necessarily about the converse trainers, precisely trimmed beard or designer glasses, it is more about truly understanding your customer and becoming an extension of their business. The young Marketing Assistant may like your crazy whacky idea, but as soon as it hits a more senior level it is thrown out for being totally inappropriate for the brand you are representing. Therefore, as boring as it may sound, what is important is listening, understanding, positioning, and translating - yes, translating all the information you receive from the client into a tangible, visible asset. Something that is consistent, communicates the correct personality and is easy to understand by the market.

For me, simplicity is the new creativity. Our customers are getting smarter, you can’t fool them anymore with a plate of croissants and a chill out zone. Let’s get real and treat their business as if it were our own.