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Best blog length for SEO

Ask your search engine “how many words should a blog be” or “ideal blog post length seo” and you’ll return a mixture of conflicting results. Should you keep things brief to avoid the dreaded too-long-didn’t-read criticism in the comments? Or should you follow the advice of the experts and keep your posts to in excess of 1,000 as a bare minimum?


It’s a common misconception that, for blog posts, more is very much, well… more. The longer your blog post, the more authority a search engine will award it, hence why Wikipedia articles will always rank ahead of yours in search results.


Right? Not quite.


Google et al reward user engagement. Social shares, low bounce rate and other such engagement metrics will ultimately factor in the overall position of your blog post. Can this be achieved through wordier content? Absolutely. However, writing for writings’ sake is a common mistake which bloggers fall victim to all too often.


Unless you’re a proficient blogger, anything more than 1000 words is going to run the risk of straying too far from the initial purpose of the article. Don’t get us wrong, longer copy is great! You just need to be smart about how to segment it.


So, how long should a blog post be for SEO?


At FINALLY we tell our clients to keep their blogs to a minimum of 300 words in order to rank somewhere on Google. Ideally, somewhere between 500-800 words if they’re covering a larger topic. Is this figure correct? We think so. These guys think so. But, we’ll admit, only time and increased user testing will tell.


Time is a precious commodity for our clients who, nine times out of ten, aren’t natural born bloggers. Instead, they are passionate professionals who want to share their knowledge with a wider audience – and there are no better bloggers, in our opinion.


A blog post which is 1,500 words may take 7 minutes to read, but it’ll take a helluva lot longer to write. As any cost benefit analysis of content will tell you, it’s pretty darn difficult to get a return on every blog post that you publish.


In our mind, blogging frequency is more important than blog length, especially when you’re first starting out. To a new blogger, three 500-word blogs are a far better bet than a single 1,500-word article. Over three initial blogs, you’ll have had the opportunity to hone your writing style, identify your tone of voice and, most importantly, create more opportunities to reach a new audience.


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