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LinkedIn Content Ideas You Don't Want To Miss

Millie Collier
Written by: Millie Collier
Length: 4 min read
Date: 30 Apr 2024

Coming up with ideas for great LinkedIn content can be tricky. Discover our 5 top tips to help you and your business create engaging LinkedIn content.


You hear this all the time, especially from us, that you need to post regularly to your LinkedIn account to grow your network. And a bigger network, logically, means more meaningful conversation opportunities that could grow your business. 


LinkedIn works in a wonderful way, where if one of your connections likes or comments on a post, it appears in your feed. That means your posts can appear in the feed of someone who doesn’t necessarily follow your profile or is an existing connection. It simply thinks, your connection liked this content, so you might too. 


We all know this by now: the more comments and likes your posts receive, the wider they are shared. 


The most important thing to remember when it comes to LinkedIn is consistency. 


It’s easy to say you should post three or five times a week and expect leads and connection requests to come pouring in, but thinking of things to post can be difficult.


So let us think for you. Here are some excellent LinkedIn post ideas you can take advantage of this week!


Linkedin post ideas for you to try this week


1. This or that?

A simple question to your network is a brilliant way to encourage comments and engagements. You could ask your audience for genuine recommendations on a product you’ve been considering, or you could have a bit of fun with it just to start conversations. 


2. List this!


Using lists is a really useful way to format a longer piece of written content. It sets out your posts clearly and makes the information easily digestible, especially if your audience are reading on a mobile device. 

Extra tip: Use emojis like bullet points, to punctuate your lists! 

You can use lists to format posts about 

✅ Common mistakes or mistakes you've learnt from

✅ Tips and advice on a particular subject

✅ Instructions - have you got a helpful hack to share?

✅ Facts and figures - break up those statistics!


3. Once upon a time... 

Humans are natural storytellers. We are fascinated by stories and have been since ancient history. 

You don’t have to be the next J. K. Rowling to write a successful anecdotal post on LinkedIn. 

Popular story posts on LinkedIn usually do one of three things:

  • Make you laugh
  • Are relatable
  • Teaches a lesson

Everybody loves a good story, and everybody has a good story to tell!


What makes a good LinkedIn post?

A good LinkedIn post needs to trigger some kind of reaction from your audience. They might have learnt something, they may have laughed, or they may have just related. Whatever it is, your post must provoke a feeling.. 


One of the main questions we get during our LinkedIn training sessions is whether everything you post on LinkedIn has to be related to your work.


The answer is NO! 


Of course, it’s great to use LinkedIn as an opportunity to show your network that you’re an expert in your field, but we always remind our students that LinkedIn is still a social network. 


Even if you were at a professional networking event in real life, you won’t be talking business to every single person you meet. You connect over sharing stories or by simply chatting  about other things you have in common. It’s the same for LinkedIn! 


There seems to be a pattern of posts that usually get a high engagement. Take a look at this post below, where… tried them each out for a week to test their virality.



Still stuck for ideas of what to post on Linkedin?


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