Don't be smart. Be X-Head.

In the manufacturing industry, everything is ‘smart’. Automation and digital transformation are rife, so what makes X-Heads different?


Raising awareness of the X-Head range from SECO Tools.

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Client - SECO Tools are one of the world's leading providers of tooling solutions. 

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Brief -  To raise awareness of the X-head range and inspire a change in behaviour in their target audience of Machinists and Purchasing Managers, across 7 different countries.

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Results - The X-Head campaign reached over 2 million people in total, with over 500,000 views on their campaign video. 


To raise awareness of the X-Head product range within the target market. 


The primary objective of this campaign was to increase awareness of the product, focusing on educating the audience on the benefits of using SECO’s exchangeable heads. We wanted to create the catalyst for change, and spark the recognition in the audience that SECO provides a more productive way to manufacture. 

SECO - X-Heads Campaign Review (1)
SECO - X-Heads Campaign Review


At FINALLY, we believe creativity is equal in strength to strategy and data. Our teams worked together to build a successful launch campaign to raise global awareness of the X-Head product. We built a multi-channel campaign running across seven different countries that connected with the audience at each stage of the funnel: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. 


In manufacturing, every second counts. For every moment a machine remains idle while engineers adjust settings means less time in active production. The solution? SECO’s new product, exchangeable heads. 

FINALLY Agency's challenge was raising awareness of this new product and communicating the benefits of investing in the product, without getting bogged down in the details. 

We needed to understand the prospect’s perspective - exchangeable heads on carbide tools is not a new concept, so SECO needed to say something more than ‘Our exchangeable heads are better than yours’. 



  • Our VIP Awareness activity generated 121 VIPs with a total conversion rate of 4% of visits to the landing page. 
  • Our Video Awareness activity amassed 535,107 views on YouTube - culminating in an average cost per view at £0.02 across all countries and a CPC of €3.09.
  • The video performed well on LinkedIn, with more accurate targeting capabilities; it attracted 44,000 views across all countries and generated 162 clicks to the landing page. Although awareness was the objective, views were the primary metric. 
  • The webinar had a qualified audience of 147 total unique registrations. 
  • The white paper generated 60 sales-qualified leads with a CPL of €112. 
  • The product landing page, as a result of the campaign's efforts, generated 13,852 views and 8,477 visits.