Why should I hire a digital marketing agency?

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Why should I hire a digital marketing agency?

I know what you’re thinking: "why should I hire a digital marketing agency when I already have a marketing manager?" Or "I already manage the marketing" or "my customers aren't digital".

And you're right, you don't have to hire a digital marketing agency and you can do it all yourself. But you have to ask yourself; how effective will your efforts be? How will you know if what you're doing is having any meaningful impact? And how will you stay motivated and not get caught up in the day-to-day?

Ultimately, digital marketing agencies have the expertise, experience and tools to deliver successful marketing campaigns, helping you reach your target audience, turn prospects into leads and grow your business.

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And if you’re still unsure, here are five other key benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency like FINALLY:



Running a successful digital marketing campaign requires a lot of in-depth knowledge on a lot of different subjects such as search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, paid advertising and content marketing. Mastering these topics can take years; using them to  deliver results for your specific industry will take even longer. 

When you hire a digital marketing agency you instantly gain a team of industry experts in every discipline. Not only does this mean that time and resources aren’t wasted but also that you can hold them to account. If your agency is not delivering the results you expect then it’s on the agency to make it right. 



With expertise comes experience, and the teams within a digital marketing agency will have a wealth of experience in delivering strategies that work for your industry. By working with an agency you gain access to the proven processes that map out and deliver a strategy that is tailored to your business. 

For example, the SEO team will be able to provide you with easy-to-digest reports that outline their activities and the results, and the content team will put together a strategy that outlines the whys and hows of talking to your ideal customer. The work that surrounds your marketing strategy is just as important as the tasks themselves, and a good digital marketing agency will have established processes in place to make sure that what they recommend is right for your business.



Time – we’re all short of it, and digital marketing is no small job. Even the initial software setups and general maintenance required for your website can feel overwhelming – let alone running a campaign. When you hire a digital marketing agency you’re effectively hiring a new marketing department that’s on hand to solve your outreach problems.

Once you’ve agreed your marketing plan, that’s it. Your digital marketing agency can crack on and you can focus on running your business, safe in the knowledge that your new marketing team is prioritising your goals and objectives.

Top tip:

Starting a retainer with a digital marketing agency is a great way to save time while making sure your business is getting all the marketing attention it needs.



Clearly, if you’re saving time you’re saving money too – but that’s not all. 

When you do the maths, for the price of one skilled member of staff, a digital marketing agency can provide you with an entire team of experts. Regardless of whether you appoint a digital marketing agency on a fixed project rate or retainer terms, your agency should produce a plan and budget that is tailored to your specific goals.

The other cost saving you'll gain is not having to fork out on expensive tools or software, such as subscriptions or reporting programmes, camera equipment or design packages. 



Won a big order that wasn’t planned for? Has a sudden opportunity presented itself? Sometimes resourcing can be difficult to predict. 

When you hire a digital marketing agency you’re able to scale up your efforts as and when you need to, without being limited to hiring and training new staff. 

This means unrivalled flexibility for you when pitching new business opportunities and during the course of projects. Scope, deliverables and direction can often creep and change as a project progresses, but your digital marketing agency can be on hand to move quickly and implement any necessary changes as and when required.


AT A GLANCE: why hire a digital marketing agency?

So, if you want to:

  • Increase your visibility.
  • Connect with customers.
  • Generate more leads.
  • Concentrate on running your business.
  • Not make unnecessary investments in marketing.

... then a digital marketing agency could be the answer. Still got some questions? The FINALLY team is here to help; get in touch if you want to chat.



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