The best platform for your company’s B2B social media marketing

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The best platform for your companys b2b social media

With so many different social media platforms available, it can feel like navigating a maze picking which one suits your business best. Should you use them all? Maybe focus on just one? It’s tough to decide but it can be the difference between growth and failure. Read the pros and cons of each platform to help you choose the right social media platform for your business.


Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world and is the perfect place for individuals to connect with their friends and family.

But where do your B2B marketing efforts fit into this community?

With over a billion daily users Facebook can connect you with your target market, helping you to build leads and lists to acquire new customers. 

Facebook is also a fantastic place for your existing and new customers to talk to your brand. With powerful tools such as private groups, your customers can pose questions, talk to each other, share ideas and build relationships. 

Facebook can help you nurture your leads and continue to connect even when the deal has been closed.

Facebook pros & cons



Twitter’s goal is to give everybody a voice and cut back the fluff, facilitated by the fast pace of the platform and limited character count of posts. Businesses, individuals and public figures alike use the platform to share stories, news and engage with their audience.

The best businesses on Twitter will use the platform’s community-centric atmosphere to communicate with their audience and make them feel a part of their brand’s culture

To use Twitter for social media marketing to build your brand you should do the same. Stand out from your competitors and add value to each of your posts so audiences will keep coming back for more.

See how to achieve better social media influence.

Twitter pros & cons



LinkedIn has positioned itself as the leading social media platform for businesses from all industries, helping them to connect with one another, find jobs, build business relationships and share valuable content with followers.

LinkedIn is not ideal for B2C companies because of the more professional user base. It’s positioned to attract new business partners and share key industry information and business news with contacts, making the platform perfect for B2B companies in specialised industries such as manufacturing and engineering.

Does your business needs a LinkedIn page?

LinkedIn Pros & Cons



Instagram follows as close to the philosophy of “show don’t tell” as a platform can get. With a huge focus on photos and now videos in the form of Reels, IGTV and stories, Instagram puts value on showing what your service or product can do, and the benefits this will bring to a user. The more visual a process the more successful it will be on Instagram.

However, Instagram is not optimised for lead generation nor is it the best platform for converting followers into clients. This is because it is difficult to push your followers to a landing page since you’re not able to post links in posts - you’re only able to do this in a profiles’ bio or in stories if you are lucky enough to have 10,000 followers or a verified account.

Instagram Pros & Cons



YouTube is a unique platform compared to the others on this list. It toes the line between a search engine and social media. This means that content never disappears like on other platforms; it will continue to accrue traffic for months and years after its first upload like a living library of content.

However, despite being a brilliant platform for engineering and manufacturing businesses to show what they do, video can be expensive. Out of every social media platform featured here, YouTube is the most pricey to maintain, even without any paid advertising on videos.

That being said, YouTube is a great way to share knowledge in a digestible way and reinforce any text-based resources and guides that your brand already has. 

Youtube Pros & Cons


Final verdict: the best B2B social media platform for your company

In spite of the expense involved, YouTube is the best social media platform for B2B social media marketing. No other platform can come close to the living library of content you can build on YouTube for your brand. Furthermore, YouTube has search engine functionality allowing your audience to search for questions that your business can answer, directing users to your content based on their previous queries.

Rest assured, video production doesn’t have to be a huge mission and useful videos can be created on a budget.

If your brand is looking to make headway on social media, and even delve into using YouTube to reach more business connections, get in touch with the FINALLY social team today.




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