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Now, we all know that including content on your website is important. We recognise that it can bring in visitors, establish leads and even make sales - but, is all content created equal? 

Content has the potential to grow your business but only if it's focussed, comprehensive and above all, helpful to your audience. A scattergun approach to content will only alienate your audience and confuse your proposition. It’ll waste your time, and more importantly, exhaust the patience of your readers.

Coming up, we’ll reveal our top tips for creating good content for your website. Need some advice that’s tailored to your business? Get in touch with us today. 


What makes good website content?

1) Content with a focus

We all know that Google loves content. This search engine behemoth uses website content to arrange and categorise the internet, so it stands to reason that your content will have to have a focus if it’s going to be sorted correctly. 

Your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy, which decides your chances of featuring in your audience’s search results, hinges on your website’s content. Without a focus - and the inclusion of keywords that reflect this - your pages won’t be indexed appropriately. For you, this means zero chance of receiving any organic traffic to your website. 

Google wants to see website pages that have a focus. It wants content that’s clearly written, and of genuine use to its readers… which brings us nicely on to our next point. 

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2) Content that is helpful

Great website content is helpful. It takes your audience’s problems, addresses any misconceptions they have, and ultimately helps them to solve their issue. 

But how do you create helpful website content? Well, by putting yourself in your customers shoes. Distill everything you know about your products and services, and how these fit within your industry, and tell this to your audience. 

Content, in every format, can help your audience understand you. It has the potential to dejargon your industry, addressing your customers’ questions and leading them towards the right solution. Just how you do this will depend on your business, its goals and its way of doing business – but FINALLY can give you a steer

3) Content that isn’t thin

Okay, so we’re all agreed that there’s no ideal length for content; your website’s pages will be as long as they need to be. That said, it’s important to include some content topics which lend themselves to meatier pages or downloadable guides. Not only will the extra character count give you more opportunities to feature on Google’s first page (providing your content has a focus), it’ll also add value to your audience’s experience on your website. 

Now, you should avoid the temptation to waffle on with subjects that don’t really lend themselves to it. If your content title or question only really has one answer, don’t try to expand on this - your content will lose focus and alienate and frustrate your readers. Instead, during your content planning, try to choose some topics which lend themselves to longer reads. Break your content up into sections which are clearly demarcated with subheadings and bullet points. 


At a glance: what makes content good?

Content that is focussed - having a clear and identifiable topic for your website content helps search engines to organise your pages, helping you to be found by exactly who needs to find you.

Content that is helpful - take your audience’s problems and provide them with a solution. It’s not rocket science, but it’ll go a long way towards winning their trust.

Content that isn’t thin - longer website content adds value to your websites, helping your audience to see you as a real resource in their buying journey. 

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