How do i edit a caption?

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How to edit a caption on each social media platform

It’s done. Your social media post has been published and you’ve just noticed that you didn’t add a vital link to your caption or you’ve misspelled a word. It’s okay, everyone makes mistakes, and luckily across MOST social media platforms, but not all -- Twitter we are looking at YOU -- you can edit the captions within seconds of posting, so nobody needs to see a thing!


How do I edit a tweet?

Unfortunately, you can’t since Twitter doesn’t provide editing post upload. The only way to salvage a sent tweet is by re-writing your original tweet with the corrections and re-posting.


How do I edit a post on Facebook?

On Facebook, you can edit captions but be aware that once you have made your amends, your post will be labelled as ‘edited’ so everyone will know you made a mistake. 

To edit your Facebook Post:

  • Click on the three dots in the top right of the post corner.
  • Select edit post.
  • Select save.


How to edit an Instagram post:

On Instagram, you can edit your caption. However, at the moment, this can only be done on a mobile device and not on a desktop browser.

Top-Tip: When editing your caption, you can also add or change any location tags, add or delete account tags, and you can also add or edit your alt text tags for your image.

To edit your INSTAGRAM Post:

  • Click on the three dots on your post.
  • Tap edit.
  • Then tap done or the tick for Android devices.


How to edit a LinkedIn post:

On LinkedIn, you can edit your captions on both business and personal profiles. If you published a link post, you’ll have to delete the post as changing the link in the caption won't refresh the original. 

To edit your LinkedIn Post:

  • Click the three dots on the upper right-hand side of your update.
  • Edit your caption.
  • Click save.

I hope this will help all your caption mishaps in the future, leaving your social media feed looking extra fresh and super profesh! 

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