Glossary of Social Media Terms

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Are there social media terms that you're struggling to keep up with? We don't blame you. For one thing, it seems like social networking sites are popping up with new features and algorithms all the time.


Regardless of whether you're a budding network newbie or seasoned social pro, we know it's hard to keep track of it all. Fortunately, here's your Glossary of Social Media Terms.


Let's breakdown the main social media terms you'll hear about:



The @ symbol is used to tag another account, i.e. @wearefinally.



An icon representing a person online – usually a computerised figure of them – you can have your own avatar on sites like Twitter.



A short bit of text telling the reader about yourself. A bio would usually appear on your Instagram profile – or your LinkedIn page – and should contain your brand name, logo and any company-specific hashtags.



When people become annoying or offensive you can block them. It completely prohibits them from accessing your account(s) and from contacting you.



Derived from ‘web log’, blogging is also a verb ‘to blog’. You’re reading a blog article right now! A good blog is relevant, useful and interesting. They can allow brands to produce engaging sector-specific content for their audience whilst optimising their Google rankings. Great online content also increases brand trust and awareness.



Another word for instant messaging. ‘Group chats’ are chats with more than two people where you can chat and share content in a group.



A marketing term for how often an image, video or link is clicked on. Your content should always be relevant and useful.



Online content that attracts the attention of visitors and encourages them to click on a given link. Ensure that your Clickbait used does not over-promise or mislead your audience. If used incorrectly, it could harm your SEO, increase your bounce rate and cause customers to lose trust in your brand.


Click-Through Rate (CTR)

The percentage of visitors who click through to a page on your website by following a specific link.



The way you measure if your advertising achieved one of your goals. Conversion can be a sale, signing up for a newsletter or visiting your website.


DMs (direct messages)

You’ve probably heard the phrase “sliding into their DMs”. In essence, this loosely translated is someone direct messaging a person that they’re interested in forming a relationship with, whether professional or romantic. It’s super important for businesses to stay on top of their direct messages for great customer service – don’t leave them hanging!



This measures the shares, likes and comments that social media content and posts receive.



Boasting around 1.5 billion members, Facebook is without a doubt one of the biggest social media sites. From shopping to sharing content, Facebook is definitely a great place to start. It provides a convenient, popular and easily-accessible platform on which to advertise your business, helping you to be discovered quickly and easily shared.


Flame war

A lengthy exchange of angry or abusive messages between social media users on a comments thread or other discussion area.



An online messaging board to discuss various topics. You would usually have your own Avatar for these and will most probably come across the odd internet troll (see below).


GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)

A GIF is essentially a super cool flashy animation or film clip that you can generally find to compliment every situation or topic.



A way of tagging your post so that it's easily found by people who might be searching for similar content.



The amount of times a post or advert has been seen by other users.



A person with high social media engagement who can use their online presence to influence potential customers, maximising the appeal of a product or service by promoting the items on their social media accounts.



Bought by Facebook in 2012, Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing social media. In recent years, the uses of the app and site have developed, with many businesses utilising it to advertise. Alternatively, you can now create your own Instagram TV (IGTV) channels – one per account – to reach more people and create credibility for your brand.



Measure the effectiveness of your online campaigns by assessing the communication between your target audience and your brand’s social networking platforms.



Essentially the Facebook equivalent for professional networking with like-minded industry specialists. Connect, make contacts and share relevant content to improve your network and credibility.



An image – usually fabulously funny – with text depicting a current online popular joke.



A digital media audio file, normally as part of a series covering a broad range of topics. These are great for asserting expertise, brand awareness and for generating content for your business.



‘Boost’ your posts on Facebook and Instagram by paying for promotions. Select your target audience, budget and the duration of your promotion to attract your chosen target market. You can cross-promote across these platforms automatically instead of having to post separately on each!



A way to analyse the number of users who have come across your content on a social platform.



In the simplest of terms, a selfie is a picture of you taken by you! You can accomplish this by using your reverse phone camera, a selfie stick or a cheeky snap in the mirror.



Mentioning another user account in a post to share it with them.



An online user who stirs up trouble by making controversial statements to provoke other users.



The number of people who have seen or watched your posted content.



Video logging – a way of using video to convey stories or information. You will usually find these on networks such as YouTube.


Are you ready?


Now we’ve laid out some solid social media foundations for you, you’re ready to fully embrace all these exciting networks with a warm hug. For more details on all of these social media terms, take a look at Hubspot. Want to take your marketing and social media to the next level? Then get in touch with FINALLY to give your business the boost it deserves!

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