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We’re a little late to the game to talk about 2019 trends, sure, but what can we say – it's been a very busy January!

And, judging by everything that’s happening in the greater design, development and marketing world at the moment, it’s not going to slow down. It’s fair to say that we’re now more web focussed than ever before, upgrading our browsers more frequently, which has enabled greater support for more innovative features. So, with every year, comes more cool stuff to help us on our way.

The ‘digital-first’ approach shows no signs of slowdown for marketeers also – especially as companies are looking for more cost-effective ways to promote their products.

Suffice to say, it’s a big year ahead – and we, for one, are looking forward to it.


Design trends for 2019

Pantone has announced its Color of the Year… and *drumroll* it’s Living Coral. Pink by any other name, Living Coral “embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy” – and, you know what? They have a point. In these uncertain, Brexity times (more on that later) we could all use a bit of comfort and buoyancy.

So, will we be seeing a whole lot more of Coral this year? Perhaps so. Pantone’s favourite colours have inspired designers since the early 90s and our super-talented design team are no different. Watch this space for our first Living Coral rebrand.


Marketing trends for 2019

Obviously GDPR influenced many of the marketing trends last year – and with Brexit upon us, 2019 looks to be much of the same. Since GDPR is an EU law, a no-deal Brexit will leave the UK free from its shackles – good news for marketers, right? Well, that depends how you look at it. What we know for certain is that emailing EU email addresses would provide a real headache for marketeers in a no-deal Brexit.

The impact of Brexit is already being felt – even before it’s happened. Marketing Week has reported a slowdown in marketing budget growth in the last quarter of 2018. It’s evident that companies are being more prudent with their marketing spend – so, for 2019, we anticipate that companies will be wanting more bang for their buck from their marketing team.

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Web development trends 2019

This year there’ll be a greater level of interactivity on websites to enhance user experience and move further away from the ‘online brochure’ style. This will include things such as WebGL to bring true 3d graphics to the web. With WebGL you can allow users to see the product you are selling from all directions and even view it in operation.

Increases in the power and flexibility of web frameworks such as React, VueJS and Ember also are allowing websites to act as full featured desktop applications. Even Microsoft Office is web-based now.

All of these trends will inevitably increase the size and responsiveness of sites, and there are movements to tackle this bloat. For instance, increasing responsiveness via minimising file sizes, caching resources and limiting things to only be loaded when they are needed rather than all upfront.

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