Marketing Agencies Explained


How To Choose A Marketing Agency | 6 Essential Steps

With so many out there, choosing a marketing agency for your business can feel overwhelming. But don’t panic, FINALLY can help with this essential guide.

Does your marketing agency make you nervous? | FINALLY Agency

Does your marketing agency make you nervous? Steve Howard, co-founder of FINALLY, explains the perks of agencies that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Rediscover Your Business | FINALLY Agency

Has your company growth stalled? Do you know why? Get clarity and rediscover your business with a discovery day from FINALLY.

Customer success - It's a team effort

Customer success - it’s a team effort

No matter your industry, clients (or customers) are the heartbeat of all of our organisations. But, your promised customer focus just isn’t enough. 


Smart fights in the workplace

What is a smart fight I hear you ask? Well, in short, it’s a healthy argument. For businesses to grow and build successful products and services, there must be smart fights within your company.

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My FINALLY journey into Digital Marketing

I joined FINALLY fresh out of the sixth form with very little industry knowledge, aside from a week’s work experience. Here's what happened...


We're making big changes to the working week

FINALLY, Kent's only inbound marketing agency now works fewer hours – whenever and wherever. Read on and see what we learned from the experience. 

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FINALLY | Lessons From Our Marketing Work Experience Team

Having provided marketing work experience in Kent for many years, FINALLY explores its importance, what it means to candidates and how it helps our teams.


FINALLY | LinkedIn Live Kent Sponsors

LinkedIn Live in Kent was an event attended by industry professionals from all over the county. Find out more about the event, and FINALLYs role in it, here.