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Let me get started with this: HubSpot’s Account Management course made my life ten-times easier.

We all think we can do something that we’re passionate about, even if we don’t have experience in it. Take football for example, ‘I would have done this if I was Southgate’ ‘Why didn’t Grealish start more?’ ‘I would be a professional if I trained like a Premier League player’. We have all said something similar. Now, imagine having the resources to get upskilled and certified in that exact field.


Account Management at FINALLY

FINALLY is a Platinum HubSpot Partner, which gives our team endless opportunities to grow as marketing professionals. As for me, I’m a recently appointed Account Manager with a first-class marketing degree, a burning passion for this world but little ‘professional’ experience.

Arguably, no one has a greater impact on an agency's success and its clients than Account Managers. The Hubspot Account Management course is undoubtedly an essential certification, paving a clear route to the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver for both my clients and FINALLY. The course consists of five modules with dozens of valuable videos. I have highlighted my three favourite modules based on how they have already helped me get to grips with my role.

Hot topics 

The client and Account Manager relationship is arguably the most important element for any project. This is why I chose to take HubSpot’s Client Management Certification. This element of Account Management can determine the efficiency as well as the quality of communication, which inevitably influences the outcomes.

This module highlights the ‘client lifecycle’, ‘how to optimise the onboarding process' and ‘how to effectively manage your client’. These are three key ingredients when kick-starting the all-important relationship between you and your clients. It follows up with information around how to execute a strategic renewal process

It is concluded by exploring the opportunities in growing the relationship between companies and clients. Retaining clients is one thing but growing together builds a portfolio of respect and trust, emitting a message to the rest of the agency’s clients or even industry. 

Growth is a core value at FINALLY because we help our clients grow their companies by implementing strategies that attract, engage, and delight their target market at every stage of their journey.

The ‘Delivering Client Success Certification’ module reinforced the importance of maintaining a high standard of client delivery, which involves goal setting, strategy planning, and delivering value. Goals and strategies act as the foundation for any project.

An onboarding process is a critical aspect for inbound retainer clients. From running an effective kickoff stage to completing a technical setup of HubSpot, these elements make  ‘Guided Client Onboarding’ a crucial module for me. 


How it helped me

Currently, I am delivering a HubSpot implementation plan alongside Matt, our HubSpot professional at FINALLY. This module could not have prepared me enough. It installed a sense of confidence in me for a year-long project and reinforced the all-important pillar known as client management. My method was to listen, understand, and then implement what I’d learned in a real business (client) setting.

HubSpot is at the core of FINALLY. Five weeks into my new role, HubSpot’s learning has already been called into action. I would advise anyone to do it. It has upskilled me in both Account Management as well as how to work as a part of a marketing agency. It focuses on the key elements and I have put a lot of my learning into practice with one of my retainer clients, which is flourishing.

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