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FINALLY found my way back into marketing

My first day with FINALLY was not actually my official first day… It was a Discovery Day for a project that I was to be soon taking the lead on, and I was excited about being invited to meet the client and the FINALLY team. Driving to Canterbury that morning, I wasn’t really sure what to actually expect but it started with bumping into Amber at the entrance and then being given a black box with my name on it. The smile had already kicked in before I’d even met everyone. 

The Discovery Day was really fun. Seeing the different teams deliver their workshops was a great eye opener to how everyone works and how much they know. Everyone understood their role and the chemistry was strong; I could see it and so could the client, Packaging Innovations, which is one of the reasons why the day went so well.

My official first week started with working from home, which was the first time I had ever done this. I had no idea what it would actually feel like or if I would enjoy it, but it was made so easy by Amber. It was difficult to get used to waking up and staying at home, but meeting everyone over Zoom calls was fun and the vibe was very welcoming. From the induction all the way to the end of the week, everything was smooth and easy to get used to. Massive shout out to Amber and the whole team! 

Account Managing is so fun. Yes, I may regret saying that when times get stressful but the satisfaction of seeing projects come to life outweighs that. I have started with Packaging Innovations as my first client, and it was great that I was lucky enough to be there from the very beginning. It’s not as scary as some may think, it’s actually like planting a seed and watching it grow… sort of. 

I always wanted to get back into the marketing world and FINALLY, I'm back in. In a role which has my name all over it, too. 

One vital point which needs to be mentioned is that I have never seen a group of people come together like an actual family. When news broke about Steve falling ill, the love and commitment was unmatched. An energy which is invincible. My hat comes off to you all.

Thank you to the FINALLY family for making it such a smooth and welcoming experience.




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