Web Development Services:
For Engineering Companies

If your website is no more than a virtual business card...

...it doesn’t matter how well designed it is, it’s not going to help you grow.

Your website should be your best salesperson - attracting visitors, qualifying leads and building trust.



So, is your company website old and hard to use? Do you have to hire a developer to make the simplest of changes? Have you had little to no website leads in the last year?

FINALLY can fix that.


Website development for engineers:
our approach

To us, a website design agency working exclusively with manufacturing and engineering clients, we understand that your website should be the centre of your digital marketing strategy. It’s how you’ll show your prospects you understand their problems and should act as a constant source of information for your customers.

Not only that, it should be something you ‘own’. It’s your website and they’re your prospects, so you need to be in control. Whether it’s posting blogs, updating services or building landing pages, you’ll have a website that’s easy to manage yourself.

And here’s how we will turn your manufacturing website into a lead-generating machine...

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How your journey will look


The strategic planning workshop which will provide clarity on why we are building a new website for your manufacturing or engineering business and what success looks like to you. The session will include:

  • Your website goals and objectives.
  • Your specific requirements and project scope.
  • Your key user journeys.
  • Your content gaps.
  • A delivery plan and agreed milestones.


This document summarises the kick-off findings and will underpin your entire website project. It will provide you with:

  • A clear picture of what you’re getting for your money.
  • How your website will be delivered, and who is responsible for what.


This is an unbiased assessment of your current website's performance, measuring its success in getting users through your customer journey. It includes:

  • How your current site is ranking on Google.
  • Which key terms and searches are essential, need improvement or need protecting.
  • How users navigate through your site.
  • Which pages are performing badly.
  • Benchmark metrics to judge future results.


For a website to be successful, it needs a well-structured sitemap that makes sense to your prospect and is easy to navigate. What it looks like:

  • Solid linking between pages and a simple content hierarchy.
  • Logical and fast processes ensure visitors get what they want and search engines can find relevant content quickly.


Using the user journeys, we’ll build and agree on wireframes before any design starts. This includes: 

  • A basic map of your entire website aligned with your user journeys.
  • Full wireframes to map user flows and the website content hierarchy.


A session that means our content team has a crystal clear view of your brand, its values and tone of voice. What’s involved:

  • Five exercises to understand your brand’s DNA and personality.


Now it’s time to take all the strategic thinking, planning and mapping and turn it into a website you can be proud of. What happens:

  • To start, you’ll be sent a User Interface (UI) design kit. These are the visual aesthetics and graphics that keep your prospect engaged and your branding consistent.
  • The elements will cover things like fonts, spacing rules and colour usage.
  • Once signed off, these styles will be rolled out across the entire site.


Once the designs are signed off, your website will be built in either WordPress or HubSpot, which will act as your Content Management System (CMS). This means:

  • It’s easier for you to update content and create new pages using modular blocks. 


Now your new website is built, we'll ensure that the tracking data from your current site is pulled through, plus set up the new tracking. This includes:

  • An audit of what is being tracked and if it is tracking accurately. 
  • A review of your Google Analytics set up to make sure there are no issues with the data.
  • Planning, implementing and testing new tracking on the new website.


In this phase, we thoroughly test multiple browsers and devices to make sure your website loads as expected, no matter where it is viewed. This will include:

  • Mobile, tablet, and desktop display testing.
  • Any payment, transactional emails, clickable integrations and tracking setup.


A re-direct plan from your old site will be actioned, together with pre-launch, launch, and post-launch testing. What happens:

  • Our team tests your ‘staging’ site thoroughly, and you can check you’re happy before it goes live.
  • On sign-off, the site is launched on the live domain.
  • Our team will then do one last check to see that all payments, emails, integrations and tracking are working as they should be.



Migrations carry risks, but through a well structured build and well executed SEO migration, organic traffic increased by 61.14% post-launch.



Through well-optimised content that answered the audience's needs, there was a substantial increase in new users visiting the website.



Through increasing organic traffic coupled with an improved user journey and paths to conversion, we generated a 167% increase in organic leads for our customer.

But are we the right website development agency for you?

Choosing the right agency is crucial; there is a lot to consider, and a lot at stake. Get it right and you accelerate your business's growth. Get it wrong and you’re back at square one.

A quick sense check is to take a look at the types of engineering and manufacturing businesses and brands they already work with, here are ours:


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And if that doesn’t help, have a scan over FINALLY’s
6 essential steps to avoid choosing the wrong agency
and learn what to be mindful of.

FINALLY, an agency we want to work with

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"The key for us was to find a B2B Agency with a well-rounded team, that possessed a collective skill set across the various marketing disciplines, with knowledge in our industry and a laser-like focus on our needs as a business. FINALLY spent considerable time, not only understanding Kingsbury but also the Principals we serve, visiting their factories, attending their Open houses and Exhibitions and developing an appreciation of the products they manufacture. It is the strength of this understanding that has informed the development of our marketing plan, the implementation of which continues to transform our business today."

Richard Kingsbury

Kingsbury - Managing Director


"As a small but well-established manufacturing business looking for growth, my expectations were high and I knew that whoever we chose was going to need to work hard to meet them. The results they have achieved have been substantial in both the volume and the quality of new business that we have won. One of our requirements was to find a way to re-connect effectively with existing customers, which is where FINALLY have introduced us to HubSpot, which we are now starting to use with great effect."

Andrew Jaynes

Andrew Jaynes Ltd - Owner

How much does it cost?

Ready to work with us?

Your website design and build completely depends on what your needs and how much you’re willing to invest. But to help, we’ve developed a £12,000 six-page Kickstarter website that is much more than just a virtual business card.

It’s specifically designed to kickstart your businesses growth. A website that gives people what they want fast, that’s optimised for search, set up for tracking, and built to scale with you – ultimately turning more visitors into leads.

What the £12,000 six-page Kickstarter website includes:

  • Project management
  • Design
  • Digital support and tracking
  • HubSpot technical set up
  • Development
  • Migration and launch
Optional website add ons:

  • Ecommerce + £5,500
  • Content hub + £1,900
  • Copywriting + £600 per page
  • Bespoke functionality - COA
  • Third party integrations - COA
  • Optimisation sprints = £3,500/ sprint

If you think you only need some and not all of the above, then you’ll need to talk to one of the team to get a detailed and accurate quote, you can do that here.

Meet the team you’ll be working with


Rob Dando



Ella Harvey

Head of Digital


Charlotte Collier

Head of Operations


Charlie Elms

Head of Creative


Rob Harris

Head of Web Development


Rhys Maher

Graphic Designer

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