Social Media Marketing
For Engineering Companies

Let’s face it, if you work in the engineering & manufacturing industry chances are you’re not convinced social media can work for you.

But, that may be because your expectations are skewed and you’re using it the wrong way.

For engineering and manufacturing companies, a strong social media strategy will help showcase your company to your target audience so that your business is always at the front of their mind.

So, are you wondering if you need social media at all? Are you unconvinced your market will engage with your content? Do you think you have nothing worth sharing?

FINALLY can show you how.


Social Media For Engineers:
our approach

Why bother with social media marketing if you’re not going to see instant results?

Let’s start with the myth that social media is just a place to advertise. It’s not. No one willingly uses social media to be fed ads.

The reality is much simpler. Social media provides education, entertainment, or resources that people can access at a time that’s convenient to them and on their terms.

It’s how relationships start and trust is gained, and that is why social media can be a hugely powerful and influential tool to promote your engineering and manufacturing firm.

This is how we do it…


Social Media Marketing - Step By Step


If you have pre-existing social media accounts we’ll need your login details, email addresses and passwords. Our team will then assess:  

  • The volume of followers, engagements, frequency of posting, and design.
  • Your competitors to see how you rank against their activity.
  • The steps you need to take to improve and grow your presence.


After the audit, you’ll learn what immediate actions you can take to help your social accounts perform better. This could include:

  • Essentials like improving banner images, profile pictures, copy, messaging and tone-of-voice.


At this point we’ll write a social strategy and present it back to you, outlining:

  • Where you are now, what you want to achieve in the future, and how you can do it.


Our team will then build a proposed calendar of activity, populated with:

  • Posts and caption examples for next 3-6 months. 
  • Design and graphic examples to accompany the proposed content.


Next up is training for teams (or individuals) on LinkedIn, learning how to:

  • Update your profile so it works for your audience.
  • Create content that builds relationships.
  • Use search tools to find your ideal customer.
  • How to engage with other people’s content.
  • Working with the LinkedIn algorithm.
  • The best way to connect with people.

Social Media Management

Finally, you have the option for social media management, where we'll run your company page and individual profiles on your behalf. This would include: 

  • Drafting content, both copy and graphics ready for your approval.
  • Scheduling and organising posts at specific dates and times.

Meet the team you’ll be working with


Chris Haydon

Head of Content


Klaudia Kowalska

Social Media Manager


Jack Harris

Digital Executive


Phoebe Lyons

Digital Executive

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