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Why is Social Media good for businesses?

Phoebe Lyons
Written by: Phoebe Lyons
Length: 6 min read
Date: 30 Apr 2024

Social media can help you increase your brand awareness and website traffic, gain more client loyalty, and connect with your target audience. 

Did you know there are over 4 billion active users on social media? You would be missing out big time by not taking advantage of a low-cost and very effective way of promoting your business online!

So, let me show you some advantages of social media advertising for your business...


Brand Awareness:

With over half of the world's population being online, it's the perfect place to reach new clients and spread awareness about your brand. Start interacting, liking, commenting, and sharing other people's content so they begin noticing you. 

Phoebe blog awareness


Get employees and brand partners to like, comment and share your content/page to get the word out. Having people simply interact with your posts will kick-start your brand awareness, which will increase and build your online reputation.


Increased Search Ranking:

Posting high quality content on your social profile and linking back to your website will help to increase your search rankings. This is important because the higher you appear on search engines like Google, the more likely you are to generate new visitors and followers. 

A study by Social Media Examine showed that 58% of marketers who have been using social media for one year or longer see an improvement within their search engine rankings.


Increase your search ranking opportunities by using relevant keywords in your posts. Keywords are terms and phrases that your customers would be searching for on Google, so do some research into what terms get your target clicking, and make good use of them.


Increased Website Traffic:

Social media will drive traffic to your website, so make sure to include your web address on all your social profiles and pages. Similar to increasing your search ranking, you just need to use quality content from your website such as videos with captions, carousel posts, and helpful blogs to publish onto your social channels. 


If you want to get really fancy and capture more data, why not use UTM tracking tags to collect the clicks and user activity from your social media posts. UTM tracking tags are particularly helpful for campaign marketing, as you can see exactly how many people have clicked and visited.


Brand Loyalty:

Not only can you use your social media to introduce your product and promote campaigns, but also it's a space for your clients to communicate directly with you.

For example, you might have had a really successful meeting with one of your clients, so share a snap from that day and make sure to tag them!

Sharing is also a great way to show appreciation for other users, which in turn makes them feel good and makes them more likely to engage with you and your brand. As we all know, developing a loyal customer base is at the top of any brand's to-do list. 

phoebe blog brand loyalty


Make sure you’re not waiting round for someone to comment first if you’re not getting any interactions, comment on other’s posts to get the conversation started.


Humanise Your Brand:

As you may have noticed here at FINALLY, our faces are EVERYWHERE! And no, this isn't because we are egomaniacs who love to look at ourselves every day whilst we work. Okay, maybe a little... 

But more to the point, it's to get people to understand, hey actually we are everyday people too! It forms trust, if they can see the people who make up the brand and who are giving them resourceful information, that's a huge win.phoebe blog humanise


Try showcasing who your people are and what your team gets up to in their day-to-day biz.


Increased Sales Opportunities:

While social media might not lead to a direct sale straight away, it is a key step in the overall buying process. More and more people are using social media each day, and we are seeing throughout updates that social platforms are becoming a sales tool. 

Take Instagram for example. It now has its own shopping tab that’s specifically tailored to what you are interested in. The time is right to align your social marketing efforts with sales goals.


Why not give boosting one or two posts a try, this will show a post to a wider audience which may push more people to your website. 



  • Brand Awareness - Interact! Like, comment and share others' content to get noticed. 
  • Increased Search Ranking - Post high-quality content and link it back to your website.
  • Increased Website Traffic - Include website links on all social profiles.
  • Brand Loyalty - Make the first move, get chatty with your network and share their posts to make them feel good.
  • Humanises your Brand - Put faces to your brands to make it feel more real.
  • Increased Sales Opportunities - Start to see social media as your personal sales tool.

For help on building your social media to gain these benefits, get in touch with the FINALLY team today.

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