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Steve Howard

Steve Howard
Steve has been in marketing for over 25 years now (I know it’s hard to believe!). Having worked on both the client-side and for other B2B marketing agencies, he now runs FINALLY, a B2B agency in its 8th year that specialises in the manufacturing and engineering sector. Steve has learned a lot in his time so far and more importantly, is still learning - from his team, clients, and other industry leaders. Steve wants to teach businesses the importance of this thing we call ‘marketing’. It is often misunderstood as the fluffy, cost-incurring burden, found predominantly at the bottom of the priority list. He tries hard to demonstrate that it’s one of the most important aspects of growing a business: it generates attention, builds trust with your target audience, and makes your salesperson’s job so much easier when the potential new business prospect is already sold on your company, product, or service. Engineering and manufacturing businesses are usually fantastic at what they make or the problems they solve, but less so on telling people about it. And that is where Steve tries to help.
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