Your personal brand is a vital marketing tool

LinkedIn is such a powerful platform and has proved even more so over the past 12 months because of the pandemic. It has become THE place to generate new B2B opportunities and evolved into a more ‘social’ platform.

It is very difficult to grow a company page, as people engage with people, not logos. So we put the major focus on building your personal brand, which in turn elevates the visibility of your organisation.

one-to-one training
for linkedin


5 x 45 minute sessions with our Social Media Manager, Chris.
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Who's the training for?

We work with company leaders such as owners, MDs, and directors who want to generate new opportunities on LinkedIn. The training is one-to-one where you will learn all the practical steps to grow your personal brand, connect with your target audience and generate leads.

In this course
we teach you how to:

  • Turn your profile into your best pitch
  • Build trust through content
  • Find your perfect customer
  • Discover the art of connecting
  • Use technology to work smarter

The training is 5 x 45 minutes sessions. It is one session per week so you have the opportunity to apply what you have learned and get weekly feedback.

 You will receive a copy of the presentation for reference after each session.

Cost £550

Course Speaker

Chris Haydon

Chris Haydon

Social Media Manager at FINALLY Agency