Video Marketing Services
For Engingeering Companies

Did you know, 85% of all internet users watch at least one video a month? Even more impressive is 93% of businesses report gaining at least one new customer due to their video marketing efforts on social media.

Meaning the reason you’re reading this isn’t to learn why your engineering business needs video. For you, it’s about where to start.


You know video marketing can be expensive, so how can you make sure you won’t get ripped off? And how will you know the crew understand what matters for your products and prospects?

That’s where FINALLY is different.



Video marketing for engineers:
our approach

To us, video isn’t about some five-minute self-serving ‘about us’ film that you think is great but no-one watches.

Whether it’s live-action, animation, or a combination of the two, your video marketing efforts need to talk directly to your prospects about the things they care about and their problems. It needs to show them exactly how your product and service is the obvious choice for them.

That’s what we do, and this is how we do it.




This is an initial chat between your project lead and one of our creative team to scope out ideas, formats and budget. What’s involved:

  • Introduction to your engineering and manufacturing business and your thoughts on video and video marketing strategy.
  • Overview of the specific elements of your business that you want to highlight.
  • Discussion around budget and potential equipment needed.


After the brief, we then catch-up to review the concept in more detail to align visions and expectations. What happens:

  • You share videos and animations you like, feel work well and take influence from.
  • Run through concepts, discuss options and how they’ll work in practice.

Location Recce

This is a visit to your premises to highlight any potential issues before shoot-day and will involve: 

  • A guided tour around your business with our videographer.
  • The team will start to plan, shoot and organise equipment as necessary.
  • Understand where we can and can’t go, and any protocols we need to follow.

Concept Presentation

Next is a presentation of the concept, rationale and creative direction. This will include: 

  • Basic storyboard and script, for content structure and to help picture the final video.
  • If shooting live-action, a look & feel example video that will help capture the mood and tone of the video we will create for you.

Pre-production Lock-in

Once the budget and concept are agreed our team will ‘lock in’ the pre-production details and organise the shoot day. Stuff like:

  • Booking dates and times suitable for you, plus any extra equipment needed like drones or talent, plus any liability insurance details.

Video Shoot Day

This is when our team brings your storyboard and concept to life. What happens:

  • The videographer and art director will meet you onsite early to set up.
  • Then the team will work through a structured, time-efficient list of shots - and always shoot more than they need.
  • The art director will also be taking stills to add to your bank of assets.

Design & Animation

All of the animated assets for your video will then be created. What happens:

  • The creative team takes the storyboard into design and prepares the artwork to be animated.
  • Those designs are then animated with movement and transitions that bring the video to life. 

Edit & Review

Once filmed or animated, the footage will then be edited into a first cut. What’s included: 

  • You and your team will review the first cut.
  • We’ll then discuss feedback with your project lead and relay it to our creative team.
  • This includes 2 or 3 rounds of amends (budget dependent). 

Video sign-off & deliverables

This is where your video is in ‘edit-lock’ and you’re 100% happy with the final result. Next up is:

  • You’ll be sent the final hi-resolution video. 
  • Then our team will prepare the files for your list of lengths and formats (website, social media channels etc.)
  • We’ll also handover the edited files and relevant stills from the shoot day.

Are we any good?

HubSpot Video


HubSpot Video


But are we the right video marketing agency for you?

Choosing the right agency is crucial; there is a lot to consider, and a lot at stake. Get it right and you accelerate your business's growth. Get it wrong and you’re back at square one.

A quick sense check is to take a look at the types of engineering and manufacturing brands they already work with; here are ours:


View case studies

And if that doesn’t help, have a scan over FINALLY’s
6 essential steps to avoid choosing the wrong agency
and learn what to be mindful of.

How much does it cost?

Ready to work with us?



Not as much as you’d think.

You’ve already got the location and your staff are the ‘talent’, which means
more of your budget goes into the video itself, making a £3,000 video look like
a £10,000 one.

The other costs would be the number of cut-downs and deliverables you need, but below is a typical example:

1-day shoot

• Interview & cutaways

2-3 days edit

• 2-3 rounds of amends

Expenses included

• Anywhere in England or Wales


£4,000 ex VAT

If you think you only need more or not all of the above, then you’ll need to talk to one of the team to get a detailed and accurate quote, you can do that here.

FINALLY, an agency we want to work with

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"The key for us was to find a B2B Agency with a well-rounded team, that possessed a collective skill set across the various marketing disciplines, with knowledge in our industry and a laser-like focus on our needs as a business. FINALLY spent considerable time, not only understanding Kingsbury but also the Principals we serve, visiting their factories, attending their Open houses and Exhibitions and developing an appreciation of the products they manufacture. It is the strength of this understanding that has informed the development of our marketing plan, the implementation of which continues to transform our business today."

Richard Kingsbury

Kingsbury - Managing Director


"As a small but well-established manufacturing business looking for growth, my expectations were high and I knew that whoever we chose was going to need to work hard to meet them. The results they have achieved have been substantial in both the volume and the quality of new business that we have won. One of our requirements was to find a way to re-connect effectively with existing customers, which is where FINALLY have introduced us to HubSpot, which we are now starting to use with great effect."

Andrew Jaynes

Andrew Jaynes Ltd - Owner

Meet the team you’ll be working with


Charlie Elms

Head of Creative


James Sparkes

Senior Videographer


Amber Mackay

Head of Client Services

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