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Re-discover your business

Charlotte Collier
Written by: Charlotte Collier
Length: 3 min read
Date: 30 Apr 2024

Companies often come to us because their growth has stalled. 

They’ve reached a certain size organically, through word-of-mouth and relationship building, but they know that they need to do things differently in order to take their business to the next level.

Almost always, our advice is the same: in order to move your business forward, you need to take a step back. 

At FINALLY, this business reset takes the form of Discovery. 

For you, Discovery…

  • Brings clarity on your business.

  • Gives you an external perspective.

  • Breathes new life into your marketing efforts.

For us, Discovery is a series of activities designed to get under the skin of your business -- culminating in a day of targeted workshops with your team. 


It brings clarity

At a time when the internet is screaming at us to pivot/ innovate/ ADAPT-OR-DIE, Discovery is an opportunity to work out who you really are as a business. If a clear vision is important for growth, it’s critical for survival. 

It makes sure you know: 

  • Who you are.

  • What you are trying to achieve.

  • Who you are targeting.

  • How you target them.

  • Who you are competing against.

  • How you win.

Through a series of workshops, held with your key stakeholders, we guide you through goal setting, persona workshops, USPs, key messaging, competitors and brand personality to help you better understand what you do.


It gives you an external perspective 

You know your business better than anyone, but you’re also too close to it to be completely objective. Having someone soak it all up and spit out the good stuff is refreshing, and extremely useful. It’s a rare opportunity to get a brain dump from your top team and make sense of what comes out. 


Breathes new life into your marketing

It sounds a bit dramatic but it’s true: without direction, your marketing activity will be random and ineffective.

Discovery is as relevant for established companies needing a shake up as it is for new companies looking for a strong foundation. Carrying on with business as usual if growth has stalled is no better than shooting out the starting blocks without a plan. Don’t be the company that fails to stand out because you don’t know what you stand for.


And… it’s a chance to stress-test your agency before committing

The majority of our clients don’t have an internal marketing team. Because of this, FINALLY takes on the role of their marketing department -- responsible for driving marketing initiatives forward. We are great at embedding ourselves in your team, working closely with you to help grow your business. 

Choosing a marketing agency is a leap of faith for any business owner. Discovery is a low-risk project to stress-test us on. Consider it a thorough interview. Our team will join you for the day, guiding you through a series of workshops designed to get the most out of your Discovery session. We’ll pitch in with advice on how to adapt your marketing and you’ll get to see us in action.

After a whole day together, you’ll know whether we are a good fit long-term. 


Struggling to move forward?

If you’re doing lots of stuff but struggling to see results, or you feel bogged down in the day-to-day and can’t get your business moving, book on a FINALLY Discovery and get:

  • Clarity on your business.

  • An external perspective.

  • A plan to grow your business!

Book a call with our Sales Director Rob, to find out how Discovery could help you.

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