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Introducing ChatSpot - HubSpot's New AI Tool Powered by ChatGPT

Millie Collier
Written by: Millie Collier
Length: 5 min read
Date: 30 Apr 2024

HubSpot takes conversational AI to the next level with ChatSpot - a new tool that combines the intuitive power of ChatGPT, Google Docs, DALL-E and more.

What is ChatSpot.AI?

On Monday, 6th March 2023, HubSpot announced its newest feature, ChatSpot. Built with the power of ChatGPT, ChatSpot promises to help make marketers' lives easier by automating sales, marketing and reporting processes - even more than they already can be with HubSpot alone. 

About ChatSpot

If you already use the HubSpot CRM, you know how automation can improve your marketing productivity. Now, you can ask ChatSpot to generate reports, draft emails, blogs, and add contacts to your database in seconds. 

ChatSpot has a similar interface to the wildly popular ChatGPT, which broke records as the fastest-growing online platform, reaching 100 million users in 2 months.

Ask it anything, and ChatSpot answers your questions using the information from your CRM, combined with the power and knowledge of ChatGPT by OpenAI.

how does chatspot work?

Traditionally, computer programmes are built using an imperative approach, meaning a user gives the computer instructions through a series of activities, for example, clicks and drags with the mouse. 

If you click a certain button, you’re instructing the programme to trigger the next activity (like loading a new page or uploading a file). At the end of what could be a long series of point-and-click activity, the user will get the outcome they were looking for. 

ChatSpot is built with a declarative approach, which uses the power of generative AI to shortcut the activity by simply asking the AI to produce the desired outcome. So, instead of clicking around your CRM to gather information you need, you can simply ask ChatSpot, ‘Create a report on the contacts added in Q3’. This is called a natural language query. 

ChatSpot Declarative Approach Dharmesh

Watch Dharmesh introduce ChatSpot in the video below 👇🏼

By linking your ChatSpot account to Google Docs, you can export the report it creates with the click of a button into a Google Sheet, Google Slide, or Google Doc (with some formatting required!)

how to use chatspot (examples)

In a video on HubSpot’s YouTube channel, Dharmesh Shah, the founder and Chief Technology Officer at HubSpot, walks us through several use cases for the new AI tool, including Sales, Reporting and Marketing. 

Using ChatSpot for Sales

How can your Sales team save time with ChatSpot? Try asking:

  • ‘Add a new contact’: You can quickly type contact information to ChatSpot, which will save a new contact in your CRM. 
  • ‘Research X Company’: You can ask ChatSpot to research single companies, or find information about a group of companies. For example, ‘Create a list of 50 aerospace manufacturers in the UK’. ChatSpot will use the power of ChatGPT to find this information and bring it to you, right in your CRM. 
  • 'Draft an email to [Contact Name]': Using the contextual information in your CRM about your contacts and yourself, ChatSpot will draft an email to a prospect that you can copy directly, or save to a Sales sequence. 

Using ChatSpot for Reporting

Want to get an overview of your sales and marketing activities in minutes? Try asking:

  • ‘Create a report of the companies added in Q3’
  • ‘How much revenue did we make in Q1?’
  • ‘Show me the top performers in our sales team this month’

Of course, you can export this information directly into a HubSpot Dashboard, or by connecting your ChatSpot account to Google Docs. Connecting via Google Docs means you can also export into a Google Sheet or Google Slide.

Using ChatSpot for Marketing

Shortcut your marketing efforts with the power of ChatSpot. Try asking:

  • What keywords are we ranking for organically?’ Using Keyword tools and ChatGPT, quickly get an overview of where your company is ranking on Google. 
  • ‘Write a blog about X topic’. Like ChatGPT, ChatSpot can write blogs for you, and with the CRM connection, you can directly save it to your drafts in HubSpot.  
  • ‘Generate an image of X’. Using DALL-E, ChatSpot can generate an image of anything you request, and then you can add it directly to your drafted blog post.

When will ChatSpot be available?

In his video (above) Dharmesh says this is barely 10% of the potential of what ChatSpot can do, so it's a very exciting announcement for teams using HubSpot. 

ChatSpot is still in Alpha mode, however, and the exact date of when ChatSpot will be available to HubSpot users isn't clear. 

In the meantime, users can sign up for the waiting list by visiting and connecting their HubSpot portal and Google Docs account. 

Got more questions about HubSpot? Get in touch today. 


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