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How HydroScand UK are using TikTok in their marketing strategy & more

Millie Collier
Written by: Millie Collier
Length: 4 min read
Date: 08 May 2024

Rebecca's story is one of determination and strategic thinking. In this episode, she walks us through her path in the industrial business and how marketing has played a pivotal role in the growth of Hydroscand UK. It's a tale that will inspire you and perhaps even spark some new ideas for your own marketing activity. 


(00:01:29) Rebecca's Journey

(00:03:09) Importance of Marketing

(00:03:59) Marketing Successes

(00:08:01) Measuring Return on Investment

(00:14:50) E-commerce Development

(00:16:29) TikTok as a Marketing Platform

(00:19:25) Outcome of TikTok Strategy

(00:19:31) TikTok as a Marketing Platform

(00:24:47) Leadership Involvement in Marketing

(00:28:33) Marketing Resources and Learning

(00:29:54) Future Plans for Hydroscand UK

Marketing Challenges & Triumphs 

We all know that marketing isn't a walk in the park, and Rebecca was candid about the hurdles they've faced, especially in measuring ROI. But it's not all about the challenges; she also shared their victories, like boosting brand awareness through savvy social media tactics and engaging trade shows.

Hydroscand's marketing isn't a solo expedition. Rebecca mentioned their dedicated digital marketing executive and collaborations with external agencies for specialised projects. This decentralised approach allows for a diverse set of marketing initiatives that align with their overarching goals.

E-Commerce Evolution 

B2B E-commerce? It's coming! Rebecca gave us a sneak peek into their upcoming e-com website launch, a project that promises to extend their reach far beyond local borders. Rebecca's experience in e-commerce has been the catalyst for this initiative, recognising the immense potential it holds for business growth. It's an e-commerce evolution you'll want to keep an eye on. 

TikTok & Beyond 

Think TikTok is just for dance challenges? Think again! Rebecca enlightened us on how this platform is making waves in the marketing world, even in the industrial sector. Discover how Hydroscand is leveraging TikTok to connect with a younger audience and empower their team's marketing efforts.


"Have I had any leads from TikTok? Believe it or not, yes! So there was a customer in the northwest who was advertising our products. He's got a big following on TikTok, and he was advertising our products, and we actually got quite a few emails saying, can we get some of that break cleaner?"


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 

Marketing is a team sport, and Rebecca is a true champion of this philosophy. She emphasized the importance of involving the entire team in marketing activities and fostering a culture of news-seeking within the company. It's about creating a decentralised approach that encourages everyone to contribute to the brand's narrative.

Leadership in Marketing 

If you're a business leader, you'll be particularly interested in Rebecca's take on the role of leadership in marketing. She shared her hands-on approach to setting budgets, planning, and even stepping in front of the camera. 


"I was not comfortable doing this at the beginning. and there is, again, a balance here, but... Be part of it. Get on camera. Talk about your business. The host technicians are all proud of what they're doing. I'm proud of what we're doing as well. And I want to talk about it. So, you know, as I say, it's not the Rebecca Galley show. It's Hydroscand. We're a team and we succeed together. But you've got to sort of lead by example haven't you?"

Digital Horizons 

We also touched on the exciting potential of open source AI tools and VR technology for training. Plus, Rebecca gave us her insights into the digitalisation of the workplace and its impact on the global market.

It's an episode packed with valuable takeaways that could transform the way you think about marketing in the industrial sector. So grab your headphones, hit play, and let's get those marketing gears turning!

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