Why Should You Use Video Prospecting in the Sales Process?

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The sales process has evolved to adapt to the modern technologies we all take for granted today. 

I’m sure you, like many of us, tend to ignore the generic, boring marketing emails that keep landing in your inbox because, let’s face it, they’re bland, and usually a waste of time.

However, what if I told you that you could make a big impression on your prospect, and greatly increase your chances of capturing their attention? It’s possible by harnessing the power of video prospecting.

Using videos in the sales process is the most modern approach to sales, and to be quite honest, they are a lot of fun to make! How you may ask? Well, video allows you to provide your customer with a more personalised and human service. It helps the customer get an idea of who you are, and gives you a great opportunity to leave a lasting impression. Whilst traditional marketing emails are boring and monotonous, videos stand out in a person’s inbox - they are shiny, attractive, and most importantly, different. 

Sales is all about trust-building. We need our prospect to like us and value us before they are going to part with any cash. Video prospecting allows you to start building that meaningful relationship, meaning a successful business opportunity is far greater.



By using video sales, you can increase win rates by up to 80% according to a study conducted by Unbounce, as well as reduce the dreaded ‘no show rates’ by half! How exciting is that? This is because when you use video to reach out, your customers get to see how much effort is being put into the sales process, and therefore feel valued right from the get go. 

You can also provide your customers with video demonstrations on a certain service that you provide;, reducing the back-and-forth emails and saving you time. While video in sales can be used at any point throughout the buyer’s journey, using it for sales prospecting is especially important, as it increases the chance of turning a prospect into a new opportunity, and hopefully a permanent customer.



Video prospecting is the more personalised way to convert prospects (or leads) into customers. The initial video that is sent out to prospects should include a brief introduction of who you are, and why you are reaching out to them. It’s also a great way to start a conversation with someone, and hopefully get them to book a meeting with you.



Personally, I like to use Vidyard. It allows you to record videos, edit them quicker than most platforms, include icons and previews in your emails, and directly book meetings between the parties involved. Another benefit of Vidyard is that it allows you to see how much engagement your video is getting; helping you understand who is watching your videos, and where they are finding the most value. If Vidyard isn’t right for you and your sales team, there are also other platforms such as iMovie, screen recording on Zoom, or even using your phone!



It can sometimes feel intimidating to get on camera, but no one is natural straight away - it takes practise! Think about how you would talk to a prospect if you met them at an exhibition or event, and film a few takes with no intention of sending; just so you get used to what you would want to say. Here are some of my do’s and don’ts to get you started:



  • Try to be as natural as possible; you can have a loose script prepared, but try to make it flow like a normal conversation. 
  • Be concise and to the point. 
  • Make eye contact with your camera as if it’s your customer. 
  • Personalise your video by using their name and company name. 
  • Include the meeting link towards the end - this saves them time from contacting you to schedule a meeting. 
  • VIT (Very Important Tip) SMILE! This makes you immediately more approachable to your potential client, and encourages them to respond to your message.



  • Generalise your video to all your customers. If your prospects feel like you’ve taken time out of your day to speak to them specifically, they are more likely to respond.
  • Send out your first attempt. Spend time getting used to speaking to the camera and feeling confident with what you’re talking about. 
  • Go straight for the sale. You want to start building a relationship with your prospect first and foremost, and once you have developed that, the sale will naturally follow.
  • Make your video longer than 60-90 seconds. You want your prospect to be engaged with what you’re saying, and provide enough information to pique their interest rather than give them the whole story.


AT A GLANCE: Why should you use video in the sales process?

Video in the sales process is a unique method to deliver a sales pitch and reach out to potential prospects. Just get in front of the camera, get comfortable, and start recording at your own pace. Practise makes perfect, and soon you will be seeing those numbers making big leaps towards your goal. 

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