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Now, like never before, there is an opportunity to define your brand identity and who you are as a business. But how do you make your business stand out? Whether you have had to downsize your team, look for new revenue streams or target a different customer base, it is important to take a step back, build your future company and stand for something.

Through our lives we are all conditioned to fit-in. At school, we have to wear a uniform, abide by the rules, be quiet and follow a curriculum. When you grow up, not a lot changes. You are conditioned to get a serious job, climb the ladder, dress a certain way and, if you don’t get drunk on a night out, you are viewed with suspicion that increases with every round of drinks.

The same goes for business, it is a scary thing standing out when the safer thing to do is fit in. One of the most difficult challenges is defining your precise target market and why your business exists.

The perceived danger is: if you narrow your audience, you run the risk of reducing your ability to grow and get Business FOMO (fear of missing out). The reality is, however, for many businesses the opposite is true, because if you try and appeal to everyone, you will in fact appeal to no-one. 

Sometimes the quickest way to grow is to seriously shrink the size of your audience. If you can really drill down and drill down again into the company purpose and the target market, it will enable you to create a watertight marketing plan. You will know where you need to be seen, what content to write, what your message needs to be and all of this will appeal to your exact audience. In effect, you alienate the majority of your wider market and zone in on something very specific.

So if you are a small business looking to grow fast, now is the time to work exceptionally hard to understand what you are truly great at, and who your audience is. Then, you can hit them with crystal clear messaging and relevant content that backs up your story.

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