<span id=The best presentation I have ever seen!">

The best presentation I have ever seen!

Really? This is what one of our clients said to us today as we finished presenting their new brand. Was he being genuine, yes I think he was. But why was that? Did we have lots of gimmicks, supercharged powerpoint presentations, taken him for a pub lunch followed by a warm up act? 

No, we simply talked him and the other 11 stakeholders through our process and rationale for the new identity and explored in depth the possibilities for the new brand.

Not only that, we had also gained their trust prior to the presentation. We had our committment to the project by doing all we could to understand their business, personality and the environment within which they operate. How? By interviewing over 20 staff, having 4 FINALLY team members attend training sessions, researched direct and indirect competitors, and did as best as we could to understand the complex and sensitive work they carry out.

Did we present lots of concepts and options to give us a safety net and allow the client to basically make the decision? No, that is not our style. We do our homework, understand the whole situation and come back with our one recommendation. Believe me, when you have 12 decision makers in a room, a lot of options only causes confusion and also highlights the fact that as an agency, we don't really know what the right thing to do is either!

The Chairman said the work was "absolutely fantastic!" and this is what we want to hear. We don't go into jobs wanting to simply satisfy. As my previous post talked about, we want clients to be a little nervous; enthused, energised and excited about the implementing the proposal and shaking up the industry.

It looks like everything we presented today is going to go ahead, pretty much as is. If it does, it will be another award winning piece from FINALLY. 

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