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Answer honestly – how do you Google?


It’s not a trick question. For many of you, the answer would simply be typing your search into the search engine behemoth via your phone or keyboard. Currently most searches are performed this way but this number is slowly dropping, to be replaced by a mechanism that’s easier, more convenient… and probably something that you’re already doing.


It’s official, voice search is on the up. In 2018 more than a billion searches per month were made this way and this figure is only going to get larger. It’s anticipated that by next year, over half of searches will be made via voice.


Whether you’re using Siri, Alexa or Cortana, you’ll return a search result that those clever clogs at Google think is the best fit for you.


So, how can you stand the best chance of ranking for spoken word searches? The good news is that as long as your content is clear, insightful and in accordance with the basic principles of online copy, you should be fine.


There are, of course, some other tips straight from the mouth of Stephan Spencer, author and founder of The Science of SEO, which will give you the edge over your completion:


Tips for optimising for voice search

  • Format your copy in either paragraphs or lists.
  • Use H1 or H2 tags for sub-heading questions.
  • Use paragraph tags for answers.
  • Ensure that your answers are between 40 and 55 words
  • Use UL or OL tags for lists.


Should you optimise for voice search?


Obviously, it makes sense to structure your content any which way that Google will index it – as the adage goes, build it and they will come… however, as those clever folks at Search Engine Land point out, the commercial return for your efforts might be harder to establish.


When a user makes a voice search, they’re immediately given an answer, courtesy of a Featured Snippet from Google. You won’t win any traffic from this one – hell, they won’t even visit your website. All you’ll be accomplishing are bragging rights, so perhaps your efforts (and budget) would be better spent.


For more ideas about how to optimise your website for voice search, speak to our SEO experts at FINALLY.




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