Does your marketing agency make you nervous?

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No? They should do!

When I say nervous, I mean you are not quite sure what they are going to present to you next. When I worked on the other side of the fence in marketing, the best agencies I worked with were the ones that made me think, “I love it, but I have no idea what my boss is going to think!”

I don’t see why clients should settle for a “that will do” attitude. I used to love that experience of being presented to by an agency, the excitement of what they had come up with. How they had turned my boring looking brief into something tangible and engaging to my customers.

With FINALLY, I want to give that same excitement to our clients. Working with an agency should be fun shouldn’t it? Too many times I hear of people pulling their hair out with agencies, struggling to get what they want, when the truth is a lot of the time clients don’t know what they want, until they see that great idea.  

I want our clients to be a little bit nervous as to what we are going to present. I would hate to become predictable in terms of the creative or even how we present the work. To give clients a true experience, you have to think creatively in all aspects of the brief, from concept to application and then delivery.

Creating this excitement and nervousness however is not all about thinking outside of the box, it has to also come from understanding your clients’ business and being an extension to their team. There is no point coming up with something unexpected but irrelevant, or super creative but not “on-brand”. If you and your agency are a tight unit, they should instinctively know what is going to make you stand out in your market place while at the same time staying true to your brand.

I still get nervous when my designers present their ideas to me, because I so want it to be right, excite me and make me nervous about presenting it to my clients.

So, if your agency is getting a little predictable, next time, ask them to make you nervous!



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