<span id=New beginnings... and beyond!">

New beginnings... and beyond!

Never one to shy away from a challenge, it's safe to say that my first three months at Finally were intense. I had to learn a new template language, release a new website and a whole lot more.


In October 2018, I joined FINALLY as a front end developer. My previous role was based in London where I was a front end developer for an app/product company, so moving here was definitely a change in workflow and location, both of which I really appreciated.


I've really enjoyed my first three months. I've honed my pool-playing skills and love when someone brings their dog in. One thing I'm particularly proud of is nailing my first website release though. It was tough going at times, but I thought nothing of going the extra mile to get it done on time, and the end result was definitely worth it.


The atmosphere in the FINALLY office is fantastic and I couldn’t ask for better colleagues and bosses. I felt welcomed right from the very start and even as time went by and the pressure grew, I always felt valued and important. This was new to me as I wasn’t heavily relied on in my previous jobs and it was a great opportunity to step up and see what I’m capable of.


The best thing about FINALLY has to be how open-minded everyone is. The team really listened to my suggestions and continue to support me and the decisions I make. I even have the opportunity to host some extra learning activities for the team, like teaching everyone how to code and an understanding of what developers do. I've hosted a few workshops during some lunchtimes which have proved really popular.


Later in 2019, the developer team and I are going to FullStack at my suggestion, which we’re all looking forward to. I went last year and I learned so much about JavaScript and got to see some interesting projects made by other developers. I also got to join in with some challenges and competitions and overall it’s a very fun three-day event.


I can honestly say I have loved my first three months and I have some really exciting and interesting projects in the pipeline which I can't wait to get my hands on. Long may the good stuff continue in 2019 and beyond!